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For ready investors, commercial property could be looking at some great buying opportunities. To those already owning, and needing a cash boost, we can also assist in lending against your assets, or unsecured business options too. While commercial tenants are likely to continue to decline, this could be a buying opportunity for current tenants to secure their own property, or investors to acquire some great assets on the cheap.

We also have commercial grade solar panel installers available, matched with great value commercial green loans. These can scale to your needs, and not only help your wallet, but also lower your carbon footprint. Check with your accountant as well for possible tax incentives and write offs for purchasing renewable energy assets.

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What’s Typically Needed For Commercial Property Loans?
Can be private or ABN holder sale
Full financials or go Low doc for options including alternative income verification
Lease Doc option – finance based on current lease in place only
Deposit needed typically at least 20% plus settlement and other Government fees
Commercial property insurance
A commercial broker (like us) to make the process as smooth as possible