Weddings & Special Events  Loans

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Weddings & Special Event Loans

“The cost of an amazing event is but once. However the memory lasts a lifetime”

Wedding & Special Events Finance Brokers

Looking to finance your wedding or special event?

We can assist with all types of wedding and special event financing, with flexible financing options.  Where as going to a lender will result in only their products, we can easily and quickly summarise current lender offers, and rates, and tailor a solution for you.  This generally not just saves you time and money, but also gives you comfort knowing you have received the best deal for your situation.

We can obtain financing with both funds paid direct to vendors, or handled through your own ways, with no early exit and repayment fees, and a whole host of other benefits as listed below. Enquire for a call back today from one of our credit specialist and ensure you make the right choice on your wedding or special event funding.



Your choice of how funds are paid

Optional up front or progress payments

No credit check or docs pre-assessment

Business and private funding options

Fund optional extras, fees. legals, and costs

Consolidate other debt into one loan

Short and long term finance available

Secure against assets for lower rate or go unsecured

We reverse engineer your financial position, wants and needs, and future objectives, to align you with the most beneficial lender.

What does it take for a typical wedding and special event loan?

The requirements of each loan first start with working out your needs, wants, and objectives, and then aligning this against your current financial position. From there we can work out which lender, and which of their finance products, is likely going to suit you the best. This will result in different document and verification requirements, which can also be tailored to what is available. We do this all in an efficient transparent ways, and generally can show you the top three to five comparisons, and reasons for our finance choice – with the ultimate decision in your hands.

Full Doc Loans
  • 2 x Payslips
  • ATO Tax Returns
  • Financial Records
  • 1-2 Years ABN NOAs
  • Clear Credit History
Specialists Loans
  • Exotic assets
  • Non-conforming security
  • Difficult income verification
  • Case by case assessments
  • Special loan needs
Low Doc Loans
  • No tax returns
  • Alternative income
  • Bank statements
  • Short trading history
  • Private lenders
Credit Impaired
  • Discharged bankrupt
  • Listed defaults
  • Late payments
  • Low credit score
  • Limited credit history

Secured Loans

From 4.95%

Request Call Back
  • 5.75% Comparison Rate
  • Life Of Loan Fixed Rate
  • No Early Repayment Fees
  • No Early Exit Fees
  • Free Pre-Assessment
  • Extended loan term

Unsecured Loans

From 5.95%

Request Call Back
  • 5.95% Comparison Rate
  •   Life Of Loan Fixed Rate
  • No Early Repayment Fees
  • No Early Exit Fees
  • Free Pre-Assessment
  • Extended loan terms

Asset Backed Loans

From 1.99%

Request Call Back
  • 2.23% Comparison Rate
  • Fixed Rate For 2 Years
  • Consolidate Other Debt
  • Low Fees
  • Free Pre-Assessment
  • Any worthwhile purpose

*Comparison rates help you understand the true cost of a loan. All comparison rate examples shown for a personal loan amount of $30,000 and a term of 5 years. Asset backed mortgage loans are  based on a loan of $150,000 over a term of 25 years. Comparison rates apply only to the example or examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different loan amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees, and cost savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan.

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