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Beginning a company involves patience, commitment, and, most importantly, funding. This need never leaves a business and a business loan may come in handy to assist with start-up funding, growth and general operational finance.

Applying for a business loan might be scary for first-time applicants, but the procedure is rather simple. Although the particular processes vary from lender to lender and company to business, most business and commercial finance follows a similar pattern and our business loan brokers assist with the entire process.

Finance options include start-up, company expansion, debtor/inventory, car, equipment, and property finance, as well as trade financing. Speaking to one of our loan brokers can help work out the best options for you, and advise of current lender deals and policies.

Business loans are often arranged for terms ranging from one to fifteen years, however this might vary depending on your situation. The loan’s term is also determined by the amount borrowed. Some lenders allow for a company loan with residential home collateral to last up to thirty years. A loan may also be arranged on an interest-only basis, but be careful since the principle will still be repaid when the loan matures.

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Business Loan and Finance Brokers

Looking to finance your current or startup business with a new purchase, refinance, tools, fit out or any other worthwhile business focused requirement?

We can assist with all types of business loan financing, with flexible security and unsecured options.  Where as going to a lender will result in only their products, we can easily and quickly summarise current lender offers, and rates, and tailor a solution for you.  This generally not just saves you time and money, but also gives you comfort knowing you have received the best deal for your situation.

If the loan is secured, you will be required to submit details on the collateral being supplied. Personal real estate, property, company equipment, accounts receivable, inventory and supplies, and commercial real estate may all be used as collateral.

We can obtain financing with main and private lenders, with typically no early exit and repayment fees, and a whole host of other benefits. Enquire for a call back today from one of our credit specialist and ensure you make the right choice on your business financing today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

All we need to know at a minimum, is estimated monthly income and expenses, current debt balances and repayment amounts, and an outline of what you want to achieve. We can then arrange our complimentary credit consult with one of our loan brokers to discuss how we can best assist you.

How much can I borrow?

This will largely depend on your credit history and monthly income and expenses and other debt facilities you may already have. For larger amounts further documentation may also be needed and we can provide a full document checklist once a quote has been provided. If you want to find out a good idea of borrowing amount, please book one of our online credit consults or give us a call today. One of our loan brokers can then discuss a tailored potential borrowing amount.

What will my rate be?

This is similar to the metrics used to assess borrowing limit. We can advise an estimated rate from our complimentary credit consult, or to receive a more accurate rate, please get in contact with us to arrange your tailored loan quote.

Does my job or location matter?

We can consider income from any industry and job type Australia wide. The location and industry may effect rate and borrowing limits, depending on the risk rating the lenders apply. Generally your credit history, property details, and level of other debt, are more important lender factors.

Do you need tax returns?

For self-employed applicants we have alternative income verification methods. These can utilise bank statements, BAS or accountant declarations to calculate loan borrowing limits and interest rates. Even if recently employed, we can also assist as generally pay slips or an employment contract is all that’s needed. This will all depend upon your loan requirements and other mitigating circumstances which we can discuss when you call.

Business Finance

We can assist with most types of business finance, from secured to unsecured, and full doc to alternative income verification. We can consider any legal business and industry Australia wide.

You may also be requested for your most recent tax returns, business activity statements (BAS), or printouts of information from your Australian Taxation Office (ATO) site. If your firm has any trusts or self-managed super funds (SMSFs), you may be required to supply extra documentation, so check with your accountant if these are available.

For Low Doc loans we may only need ID and 90 day business banking statements. This is one of our most popular business loans, with options of term or line of credit facilities.

Start today by arranging a free 30 minute credit consult with one of our lead brokers. From there we can advise how we can assist you, and provide value and benefits around utilising our team for for all your business finance needs.

Fit For Purpose

Business loans can fulfill a large amount of purposes including;

1. Fit-out and renovate your office, workspace or shopfront

2. Upgrade hardware or software to keep business humming along

3. Fund rebranding, marketing or advertising campaigns

4. Plan for your peak sales periods with extra stock and extra staff

5. General operating cashflow and re-capitalisation

6. Debtor and invoice finance

Our brokers have a large background in business and business finance. Work with us today to see the best finance type, strategy, and structure that will suit you best now and for the future.

What does it take for a typical business loan?


The requirements of each loan first start with working out your needs, wants, and objectives, and then aligning this against your current financial position. From there we can work out which lender, and which of their finance products, is likely going to suit you the best. This will result in different document and verification requirements, which can also be tailored to what is available. We do this all in an efficient transparent way, and generally can show you the top three to five comparisons, and reasons for our finance choice – with the ultimate decision in your hands.

We reverse engineer your financial position, wants and needs, and future objectives, to align you with the most beneficial lender.

Full Doc Loans

  • 2 x Payslips
  • ATO Tax Returns
  • Financial Records
  • 1-2 Years ABN NOAs
  • Clear Credit History

Specialists Loans

  • Exotic assets
  • Non-conforming security
  • Difficult income verification
  • Case by case assessments
  • Special loan needs

Low Doc Loans

  • No tax returns
  • Alternative income
  • Bank statements
  • Short trading history
  • Private lenders

Credit Impaired

  • Discharged bankrupt
  • Listed defaults
  • Late payments
  • Low credit score
  • Limited credit history

Secured Car Loans

From 8.95%

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  • 9.25% Comparison rate
  • Dealer or private purchase
  • Up to 120% security value
  • Minimum $10K facility
  • Free pre-assessment
  • Longer loan terms available

Unsecured Car Loans

From 9.75%

Request Call Back
  • 10.45% Comparison rate
  • Funds paid to you
  • No early repayment fees
  • Up to $120K per household
  • Free pre-assessment
  • Maximum flexibility

Other Secured Loans

From 8.95%

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  • 9.75% Comparison rate
  • Use an already owned asset
  • No early repayment fees
  • Up to 100% security value
  • Free pre-assessment
  • Free valuations