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Loan FAQs

How Long Will My Loan Take?

This very much depends on your circumstances, loan type and details, and your individual financial position. The best way is to give us a quick call or email, outline briefly what you are trying to achieve, and what you need. We can take it from there.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

Generally we need to verify ID, income, source of funds for deposits, liabilities, credit history, and a few other details. Just note we don’t pass anything onto lenders before confirming with you, and all our inquiries before full assessment are free and don’t count as a credit ‘hit’ (inquiry)

My Credit Score Is Low - What Can You Do?

We deal a lot with this and have an in house accountant offering free credit reviews. We can assist with potential removals, or mitigate the score by aligning you with an appropriate lender. Additionally we offer a free Credit Advisory Service to layout a road map to better credit health. Just ask us today.

What's Your Best Interest Rate?

We have direct access to Lender BDMs so can discus in person with them, and negotiate a rate based on your circumstances. Generally we can get rates that are off-market, depending on loan type, details, and amount, and we can also obtain features from lenders that you may not be aware of (i.e. Frequent Flyer Points, Rate Reviews etc)

I Have A Few More Questions

No problems. Contact us on the message form to next to this FAQ, and one of our credit assessors will answer as soon as possible. Or you can also email us direct info@orchardlending.com.au

What Licenses Do You Hold?

Australian Financial Complaints Authority – 72553, ASIC Credit Rep 518496, Institute Of Public Accountants 287352, Finance Brokers of Australia Association M-345392, ABN (Est. 2005) 93071084023. Plus all required training, CPD points, insurances and accreditations.