Looking for a low rate personal loan?

Whether for travel, furniture, gap finance, hobby purchase, home improvements, and more, we can assist. We can offer all types of loans that can assessed in full financials, low doc, alt doc, and other income verification methods. Additionally, none of our applications incur a full credit check until after initial assessments and feedback to; and even then, some of our lenders don’t credit score at all. Protect your credit file, get a great rate, and let us negotiate the best deal for your low rate personal loan today.

Benefits over other loan providers

The problem with many online only, and instant response lenders, is that they do a full credit check, that will count as a hard enquiry. This means if that lender is not properly aligned to your situation, or you accidentally key in wrong information,l this can be a negative on your credit file for up to five years.

Our assessment will only be a soft enquiry and generally not effect your credit file at all, and in nearly all cases won’t even be listed. When we assess your application, we do a full manual, in house assessment, which will give us an up to 95% accurate estimate of which lenders will likely pass the application. We also negotiate  on your behalf to assist in the best rate for you, and aim for a great product such as no early repayment fees, no exit fees, and minimal or zero monthly account fees.

Personal loan application process

We try and keep the application process as easy and effective as possible. This means we will provide a completely free, initial consultation to assess your needs and current position. From this, we will work out a plan to provide the best solution, and pre-negotiate with lenders on your behalf. Once we are happy with lender’s offers, we will present you the best options for your feedback and a list of what is needed to complete. Once approved, and all docs supplied, most funding is provided within 24-48 hours.

Just note that we can provide all types of funding, so the details of documents can be suited to your needs i.e. full doc, alt doc, low doc etc. If you aren’t sure where you fit in, just give our friendly credit assessors a call today.

Types of personal loans

  • Asset – car, furniture, horse float and more

  • Zero fee and no fee options and no early re=payment fees

  • Rate based on credit score or no credit score lenders

  • Credit impaired personal loans i.e. previous bankruptcies and defaults

  • Any other worthwhile personal use/purpose

Type of Clients

  • Full doc – last two-year full financials and tax returns for lower rates

  • Low Doc – Only need latest BAS, stat dec, and/or accountants’ letter

  • Alt Doc – other income and financial verification methods available

  • Credit Impaired – low credit score, defaults, bankruptcies considered

  • New Businesses – From 1day ABN, company structure changes and more


  1. Initial consultation – view our contact page for details

  2. We negotiate with lenders on your behalf for the best deal

  3. Seek your feedback and assist with any additional questions for approval

  4. Complete document checklist and seek final approval

  5. Once approved, funds arrive typically 24-48 hours