Seeking finance for farm, agriculture, or primary industry sector ventures?

We have had extensive experience over the years with both sides of the primary industry finance market. This enables us to assist our commercial loan clients, to not just seek approval on a finance or cash loan, but also understand the requirements of the asset, and how the finance product needs to fit into the longer term goals and aspirations for the venture.

How we can help you for your asset or cash loan?

We have lenders dedicated in the farming, agriculture, and primary industries sectors, that can offer a broad range of products to suit the required needs. Whether you have more complex needs, impaired credit, or need alternative income and low doc income and asset verification methods – we can assist. Our products can also be structured different ways to best benefit you, both in your private and business dealings, and we can assist with an overall borrowing leverage strategy to assist you in long term yield.

How to begin

Contact us on our contact us page, or send as a Facebook message, and we can begin the conversation of what you need, and how we can assist. We can also help you with in depth analysis of the various loan products, and provide various calculations on how the products would fit into your venture’s financial strategy.

Types of Farm, Agriculture & Primary Industry Loans

  • Farming, Commercial, and Industrial property finance

  • Asset – car, van, general equipment and tools, fit outs

  • Invoice factoring/discounting – get paid on invoices before clients pay you

  • Cash Flow – line of credit and overdrafts

  • Yellow Goods – earthmoving, agriculture and construction vehicles/equipment

  • Any other worthwhile business use/purpose

Type of Clients

  • Full doc – last two-year full financials and tax returns for lower rates

  • Low Doc – Only need latest BAS, stat dec, and/or accountants’ letter

  • Alt Doc – other income and financial verification methods available

  • Credit Impaired – low credit score, defaults, bankruptcies considered

  • New Businesses – From 1day ABN, company structure changes and more


  1. Initial consultation – view our contact page for details

  2. We negotiate with lenders on your behalf for the best deal

  3. Seek your feedback and assist with any additional questions for approval

  4. Complete document checklist and seek final approval

  5. Once approved, funds arrive typically 24-48 hours or on settlement